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Diane's plus size fashion blog - June 2013

Summer on a beach

June 27th Tall Summer Story

It irks me that many Retailers do not fully describe their clothing in terms of dress length, back length, trouser length, or state the height of the model wearing the item of clothing (to enable the customer to make a quick comparison judgement on what the item may look like on them).  Without this vital information they are really ignoring both petite and tall customers, and that means loss of sales.  I poured over countless retailers to gather information for this blog post.  I was looking for clothing to fit a tall woman and in a range of plus sizes.  It was frustrating at times to find interesting items of clothing but have access to only incomplete information about the full body measurements of the garments.  Retailers get your product information updated please!!!

How many times have you ordered a product to only discover that it is not long enough  (in my case no information on back length is my major bug bearer) and you then have the bother of posting it back….even worse if you have to pay for the return postage!!  If you are like me I am sure you hesitate to buy from that retailer again.  Come on retailers take note – by not stating the vital stats of your clothes you are losing potential sales.

I have put together a few summer looks for the Tall lady and am glad to say that retailers such as Evans, SimplyBe, Long Tall Sally, Curvety, and Marisota have some very on trend key pieces for your Tall Summer Story in 2013.  It may surprise you just what is out there for the tall and tall plus size lady.  Other retailers take note.  Tall girls can never have enough choice.  Help us chose you the next time we shop.  Tell us more about your clothes and offer a range proportioned for 5’9" and taller.

As recommended by Diane

Being tall has many advantages.  I am 5’9" tall and it is the one thing about my own body that I would not want to change.  I am happy being tall.  Tall girls can break lines with ease because we do not have to worry about cutting ourselves short!  We do not need to elongate our presence any further.  What easier way to break a line than by wearing different coloured shoes from the colour of our hem or trouser line.  We can add interest to and vary the look of our separates by wearing different and co-ordinating patterns and prints, and the narrow frame tall lady (in particular) can pull off horizontal stripes with ease.  Without further ado here are my recommendations for your Tall Summer Story.

Look 1 – Lazy Summer Sunday

striped skirtOn trend breton stripe effect tube skirt available from Long Tall Sally

Available up to size 24 – £40.00 Click Here to Buy

Wear this skirt with the white collarless denim jacket below (body length 23").  Jacket from Long Tall Sally.

white collarless jacket

Available up to size 22 – £46.75 Click Here to Buy

I think that the red wedge sandals from Evans, with the 7cm lower heel, are a great on trend find to complement this look and to wear with a few other looks I have detailed below.

red sandals

Available up to size 10 extra wide fit – £45.00 Click Here to buy

and to finish this look wear with a simple tee shirt.  I found this long length tee shirt from Long Tall Sally with a body length of 30.5".  The shirt comes in 3 colours – citron, white, and raspberry

t shirt

Available up to size XL (22/24) – £32.00 Click Here to buy

Look 2 – Office Day to Evening Meeting

This look can be worked in a number of variations .e.g. the trousers can be worn with the white shirt and either the red wedge sandals or the black patent court shoes (both looks with black patent clutch bag).  Clothing items from Long Tall Sally.  Red Wedge shoes from Evans.

black wide leg trousers                                    white shirt

Available up to size 22                              Available to size 22

leg lengths 34". 36", 38"

£65.00 Click Here to buy                        £38.00 Click Here to buy

red sandals

Available up to size 10 X Wide

£45.00 Click Here to buy

or wear with black patent shoes

black patent court shoes                      black patent clutch

Available from 7 – 11                   Available from Debenhams

£75.00 Click Here to buy          £18.75 Click Here to buy

The other look is to wear the black trousers with the black lace jacket and the red leather trimmed cowl neck top.  This look is more formal and therefore needs the black patent courts and clutch to set the look off.

Trousers, top and black patent court shoes from Long Tall Sally.  Lace jacket from Evans, and black patent clutch from Debenhams.

black wide leg trousers                      black lace jacket

                                                           Available up to size 24 (length 30")

£65.00 Click Here to buy         £45.00 Click Here to buy

red cowl neck top  

Available up to extra large (22)

Also available in Black

£30.00 Click Here to buy 

black patent court shoes                                                      black patent clutch

Available from 7 – 11                                                  Available from Debenhams

£75.00 Click Here to buy                                          £18.75 Click Here to buy

Look 3 – Meeting Girls for Lunch

I love this textured spot dress from Long Tall Sally and recommend wearing this with the red wedge sandals from Evans.

blue spot dress                                    red sandals

Available up to size 22                           Available up to size 10 x wide fit

£75.00 Click Here to buy                     £45.00 Click Here to buy

Look 4 – Wedding Guest or a Day at the Races

red floral pattern dress                                    fascinator

Available up to size 22                         Available from Chesca

£75.00 Click Here to buy                    £99.00 Click Here to buy

Dress above and shoes below available from Long Tall Sally.  Clutch bag from Debenhams.

black patent court shoes                                       black patent clutch

Available from size 7 – 11                          Available from Debenhams

£75.00 Click Here to buy                          £18.75 Click Here to buy

Look 5 – Holiday Essentials

Here are a few key items for your suitcase.  Swimsuit from Long Tall Sally, Shorts and Tee Shirts from Simply Be.

red swim suit                                           shorts

Available up to size 22                                  Available up to size 32 in denim, white, coral, and pale violet

£38.00 Click Here to buy                            £22.00 Click Here to buy (inside leg 8")

I love these tee shirts from Simply Be and I think that they are good value.  They also come in a navy and white combination as well.  I am definitely buying these for my own holidays to Paris in August along with the shorts featured (I’m buying the white).

t shirt double set

Available up to size 34 (body length 25")

£23.00 Click Here to buy

Look 6 – Evening Promenade

In the summer evening what better way to stroll along the promenade and shimmer in the evening sun with this purple dress from Marisota and the silver flat sandals from M&S.

purple evening dress                                                     silver flat sandals

Available up to size 32                                                        Available up to size 8

£44.00 Click Here to buy                                                     £19.50 Click Here to buy

and finally Look 7 – Going to the Ball

Dress from Curvety

black evening dress

Available up to size 36

£200 Click Here to buy

Break your line and wear with red heels from Cinderella Shoes, and statement bracelet from Madeleine Fashion.

red sling back court shoes                                  red bracelet

Available from size 8 – 11

£114 Click Here to buy                                                    £37.46 Click Here to buy

I hope you have been inspired by my Recommendations this week in both blog postings for Tall Girls.  Diane


ladies long legs

June 23rd Legs Eleven

At the request of a Twitter follower I am going to talk about fashion for tall women. This is part 1 of 2 Blogs this week dedicated to all the Tall Ladies out there. ‘Legs Eleven’ will feature fashion for long legs. On Friday I will post my Blog called ‘Tall Summer Story’  looking at other fashion ideas for tall women. (tall women are 5’9" and taller)

As recommended by Diane

Look 1a – Office Chic

My recommended look for the office is under £120 and includes trousers, top, jacket and shoes

Black peg leg trousers, by New Look, great value at only £14.99. Wear with smart top and jacket below. You can pull off this look with low heels or flats (for all day comfort).



Available up to size 20 £14.99 Click Here to buy

Spot design Jacket by Fashion World £30.00 body length 29" available up to size 26

clip_image002[2]£30.00 Click Here to buy

Top by La Redoute £17.50 body length 24.5" available up to size 24

(top also available in pink, and ivory colours)

clip_image003[2]£17.50 Click Here to buy

Comfort low heel court shoe £49.69 available from Spartoo heel height 7cm available up to size 11

clip_image004[2]£49.69 Click Here to buy

Look 1b – Evening look – top with Black peg leg trousers described above in look 1a (worn without jacket).  Cost of complete look approx £115.00

Top from Evans £55.00 Body length 31" available up to size 30

clip_image005[2]£55.00 Click Here to buy

shoe option for look 1b (evening)

I love these shoes with their nod to the reptile print trend.   Available from M&S £45.00 Heel Height 3" available up to size 8

clip_image006[2]£45.00 Click Here to buy

Look 2a – relaxing out of work

I have chosen 2 looks with these white skinny jeans – casual (approx cost of complete look £61, AND smart (approx cost of complete look £62.00).

White skinnny jeans available from New Look up to available up to size 18 (36" inside leg)

clip_image007[2]£19.99 Click Here to buy

for casual look with white skinny jeans I like this top from isme £16.00.  Body length 29" Available up to size 32

clip_image008[2] £16.00 Click Here to buy

and I love these on trend espadrilles from Long Tall Sally £24.99 available up to size 11

clip_image009[2]£24.99 Click Here to buy

Look 2b – smart evening look with white skinny jeans as described above in Look 2a.  Approx cost of complete look £62.00

I adore this peplum top from New Look with the diamond stone effect embellishment around the neck line.

Available up to size 16

clip_image010[2]£24.99 Click Here to buy

and to dance the night away I have chosen these silver court shoes from isme to complement the finish of the neckline on the peplum top.

Available up to size 9

clip_image011[2] £17.00 Click here to buy

Look 3 – Barn Dance!

For your totally relax in the country jeans occasion what could be better than going to a Barn Dance

These boot cut jeans from Long Tall Sally are a complete find in that they go up to a 38" inside leg length in a wide range of sizes up to size 24.

clip_image012[2]         Available up to size 24 with 34", 36" and 38" leg options

£50.00 Click here to buy

To complete the look here is a wonderful blue denim shirt also from Long Tall Sally

clip_image014[2]                                   Available up to size 22 (body length 28")

£45.00 Click here to buy

and your cowgirl ankle boots!

clip_image013[2]Available up to size 11

£70.00 Click here to buy

I hope you enjoy your selection of trouser looks for long legs.  The tee shirt top from isme, and the peplum top from New Look can also be worn with the boot cut jeans from Long Tall Sally.

clip_image008[2] clip_image010[2]clip_image012[2]

Whilst the blue denim shirt and espadrilles will also look great with the white skinny jeans



June 20th Tea at the Ritz

I had the great pleasure of having Tea at the Ritz (London) recently.  This was a truly wonderful and sumptuous occasion.  The food, the ambiance and the surroundings were magnificent.  It was magical to partake in one of the most elegant of British traditions – having Afternoon Tea (and at one of the world’s oldest and finest hotels). Diane Marshall at the Ritz

My dress was from the Twiggy Collection @ M&S (sizes up to 24).  This dress is no longer available to buy but any of the dresses in the Twiggy Collection @ M&S will be suitable for a grand occasion such as Afternoon Tea.  To view the current Collection click here

The dress code at the Ritz for women is modest elegance.  The Ritz is not the place to display cleavages, bare backs, tattoos, and bare legs.  Designer labels, however,  are not necessary to get the dress code right!  Have a look at my recommendations below.  I have selected my favourite dresses, shoes and bags to put together your Afternoon look.

As recommended by Diane 

Blue dress with silver trim available from Daxon £24.00 (up to size 32)


Créaline® Wrapover V-Neck Dress

Silver shoes to co-ordinate with trim on Daxon Dress above, available from Debenhams £17.60 (up to size 8)

Silver Bag to complete the look.  Bag by Faith £28.00 available from Debenhams

Expert Design firm support dress available from Daxon £49.00 (up to size 32).  I particularly like this dress due to the added support, and the fact that the shape scales down well in proportion to also suit the petite lady.  The Raspberry patterned shade is also a fresh summer look.


Faith Shoes (Neutral) £18.00 available from Debenhams

Neutral Clutch Bag by Coast £50.00 to co-ordinate with Raspberry dress and neutral shoes


diane in red skater dress

Jun 15th Welcome to my Blog

Hello Girls and welcome to the new blog for  As you may already know the site has been running since 2002.  I have now started a Blog on, and I then post it over here. (So will always have the Blog first)

The New Blog Format

I hope to feature my ‘as recommended by Diane’ on the site each week.  I am an online customer of our websites so I have a good knowledge of the Merchants and their product offer (I am 5’9’’ tall and a UK 18).  I am inviting Merchants to supply me with clothing, shoes, accessories etc. and I will review and talk about them on the site each week.

Even within standard sizing many women have above a standard size in bra size, leg length, shoe size, calf width etc.  The High Street often does not cater specifically for these needs. In the blog I hope to bring you products that are beyond and above standard sizing.  Even if you do not perceive that you are a typical plus size customer, you may have an above standard size feature of your body that you cannot find the correct sizing for in the High Street. I intend to bring you what you need in a one-stop-shop for all clothing, footwear and accessories etc.

Please follow me on Twitter and tell me what you think.  It is only by ‘chatting’ to each other that I can improve the Merchant and product selection offer for my customers.  Looking forward to working with you all.

(Follow me on Twitter – click icon)


As recommended by Diane - The Skater Dress

Panelled Fit & Flare Skater DressAvailable to buy from M&S up to size 22  – £31.60

click here to buy dress

In all I thought the dress was good value for money at £31.60 and quite possibly the value find for the summer to take you through formal and semi formal occasions.  The only negative comment I would make is that the dress is not lined.  When I wore the dress I bought an anti-static half slip.  This seemed to work reasonably well but I have since sent my dress to the dressmaker for her to line the skirt (just me being fussy – a good petticoat would suffice).  Even if M&S had of charged £50 – £60 for this dress (with a lining) it would still have been great value for money.  Big pity about the lining but a great find for the money.  I wore the dress on an evening out to Dinner with my husband.  The dress is versatile enough to take you to many summer occasions and it is made from a heavier weight viscose blend fabric so is warm for the summer evenings too.

diane marshall, plus size model, in red skater dress