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Advice for common bra problems that large chested, full figure women have.

How can I stop my bra straps digging into my shoulders?

If the body of your bra is not giving you enough support, the shoulder straps will be forced to give extra support as well. Your band size is probably too large. A common mistake many big breasted women make is by going up a band size if they can't get a big enough cup size. e.g. you can't find a 48E in the bra design you like, so you choose a 50D instead. However, you are wrong to go up a band size as it means your straps are going to have to make up for the support lost in the bigger band size. To relieve shoulder strap pain, measure yourself and stick with the correct bra cup size.

Why do underwire bras always poke me?

As a bra band size increases, so does the distance between the cups. Underwires are placed in a bra according to exact measurements. If you experience poking, your bra is probably a band size too small. It is important that you measure for your band size and then stick to it when buying bras.

Do I need a wider band along the back of my bra?

A wide band is less likely to ride up on your back or twist when you move. A wide band will also give you more support along the sides and allow for better posture. And a wide band can give extra support, allowing you more freedom to move in the first place.

Is a "D" cup in a 42D different from a "D" cup in, say a 46D?

Yes. As bras increase in band size, the cups get wider. So if you wear a 42D and your mum wears a 46D, her cups (and breasts) will be larger than yours.

Is it important that my bra rests on my chest bone between my cups?

No. It is much more important that your breasts are separated, shaped and supported, and that they are not overflowing out the top, or at the sides of your bra.

Why are my breasts often red or bruised underneath?

If the band of your bra is not firm against your ribcage, but rather resting on the under-breast tissue, redness and bruising can occur. The problem is that the band size of your bra is too big (e.g. you're wearing a size 50 instead of a size 48). Your breasts are falling out from the bottom of your bra and your bra straps are being asked to support the weight your cup should be supporting. Try a bra with a smaller band size and a larger cup size (e.g. try a 48E if you were wearing a 50D).

Where are a full-figured woman's breasts supposed to sit?

If you are wearing a properly fitting bra, your breasts should sit midway between your waist and your collarbone. How do you check? - Put a belt around your waist and hold your hand flat, facing the floor, below your neck at your collarbones. Looking in the mirror, the fullest part of your breast should be midway between your waist and your hand. Below this and your breasts are not being well enough supported by your back band

What's the biggest mistake big chested women make in sizing a bra?

The most common mistake large chested women make is buying a bra with cups that are too small and because of this going up to a band size to one that is too big for them. This mistake is understandable since many pretty bra styles don't come in larger cup sizes. But buying a band size too big is a mistake, so find out what your measurements are, and only buy bras that are made in your exact size.

Do full-figured women have to wear underwired bras?

No, but there is a trade-off. A soft-cup bra will be more comfortable, but does not fully shape your breasts. The right sized underwire bra can be comfortable too but will definitely provide attractive shaping, and full support, to your breasts.

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Bra advice for the full figured woman