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A Footwear Guide for the Plus Size Woman

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes and that is the same with people. We are all different and the type of shoes that we wear should reflect this. If you happen to be on the larger size, then you will want to look for shoes that are comfortable and give you the best possible all round support.

These could be warming slippers to wear around the house when you want to keep your feet cosy or trainers that absorb any weight bearing activities you might be doing. High heels are probably not a good idea if you are carrying that extra weight around as there will be too much pressure going through the heel and it will not be good for your feet.

However, do not despair. You can still look and feel sexy by going for a smaller lift like a court shoe with a kitten heel or heels with wedges, which are very trendy at the moment. These come with shoes and boots so are ideal for this time of year.

Ballet pumps are also a good idea as they look great with trousers or skirts and you can just slip your feet into them without having to struggle to bend down to do up any laces or buckles. Slip on shoes in general are ideal as they require less fuss.

Shoes with flat soles and heels spread the pressure of your body over a much larger area so this sort of footwear will be much more comfortable as you will be able to wear them all day without your feet aching. Chiropodists and other foot specialists do advise that you do not wear the same shoes day in day out, so make sure you vary what you wear on your feet.

If you fancy a trek down a long country road where it has been raining on and off, it is bound to be muddy. The best option for footwear is, of course, wellington boots. But socks that you normally wear with shoes are much thinner than ones you need with wellies.

So the solution is Hunter welly socks as you can wear your thin socks inside and then easily slip your feet into the welly socks. These usually have an extra bit of material that turns over the top of the boot, therefore holding them on more securely and stopping them from slipping down inside the boot.