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fairisle cardigan

Aug 29th Retailer Focus - Woolovers - women's plus size knitwear suggestions for your AW13

Hello again!† This week I am looking at plus size knitwear from Woolovers.† The company kindly sent me samples to review and throughout this week's post you will see me wearing the knitwear products featured.†† Please note that I am a UK Size 18 and 5'9" tall.† All the knitwear featured is size XL (18/20).† Please also note that wool (in particular) does relax so in many cases you may be able to move a size down to get the best fit for you (this will become evident throughout the post when you see images of me wearing a garment that I could have moved a size down in). † I hope by giving you my honest opinion that this will give you some idea as to proportion and overall fit of these garments.† Both my husband and our youngest daughter took the photos at our family farm in Co Donegal, Ireland.† These are not professional images, I am not a model, and none of the photography has been graphically manipulated. Honesty is the guiding principle throughout.

I have been a customer of Woolovers for about 5 years now and wear their products for both casual and work wear.† I have never been disappointed in their product offering.† Woolovers have been in business since 1989 offering affordable styling using quality fibres and blends of fibres in their designs to include combinations of blends in cashmere and merino, cashmere and cotton, silk and cotton, Lambswool, and British Wool.† The business has expanded and now also sell extensively throughout the world.

The first product I want to talk about is their fairisle styled cardigan. fairisle cardigan I am shown here wearing the cardigan in Sage (a light green shade).† I was immediately drawn to this particular colour as it speaks Autumn to me, and suits my colouring.† The cardigan is lambswool and is £35.00.† I feel the cardigan represents great value for money as this is a quality product, is a comfortable fit, and has great back length (very important to me).†† The pattern has red and cream/white detailing - so me being me - and loving my accessories - I automatically thought that this cardigan is what I need to wear in cooler Autumn/Winter days along with my red leather gloves.† Here are a few more images showing the back of the cardigan, and a close up of the neck line and front.† The cardigan is also available in Navy, and Cream.

rear view fairisle cardigan

close up fairisle neck

Click Here to buy Fairisle lambswool Cardigan - £35.00

ladies plus size lambswool zipper neck jumper (Please ignore the seemingly awkward scowl - not intentional - but this is what happens when The Papz are photographing at the same time, and one say “Mum look here” and the other says “look over here” only to discover that the best shot to show off the jumper was taken when I was not looking at either of them.† I really am very comfortable in this jumper!)

This garment is also lambswool, comes in a range of about 6 other colours, and is priced at £35.† I love the cable detailing thoughout the entire garment, and the zipper neckline (with standup collar effect).† This jumper is a great fit and there is plenty of room at the zipper neckline to make it easy to put on (pulling on and off over the head).† It is what I call simple smart.† This is a great jumper to pull on to nip to the shops, head down to the pub, or take the dog for a walk.

ladies plus size lambswool zipper neck jumper Front view of the zipper neck jumper.† You could also add interest to this neckline (and smarten up even further) with the addition of a scarf.


ladies plus size lambswool zipper neck jumper Zipper jumper Rear view.† Perhaps not the best photo and the easiest to see (especially as the jumper is Navy and I am wearing dark jeans) but you may just be able to detect that the length of the jumper sits well below my waistline and generously well over the hip area.† It is so comfortable to wear that it could be one of those jumpers a girl tends to live in!

Click Here to buy zipper neck lambswool jumper - £35.00

This is a great hooded zipper.† Here is an example of where I should have moved down a size from the XL (18/20) to the L (14/16).† I feel the garment is big on me, especially around the arms and shoulder area.† My Middle is my problem area and I also feel that there is just too much bulk around the middle accentuating the fact.† That being said, this garment also has a great back length and overall what I would call a a good sensible buy (for warmth) for wearing everyday casuals.

Navy hoody no scarf Navy hoody with snood† Accessorising again!† I can't help it.† The baggy size feel to this garment does make the wearing of a large snood easier for an overall casual and relaxed effect.† I do think however that the angle of this photo allows you to see more of my front/middle area and (despite the dark colour) my Middle looks bigger in this.† I would buy this hooded zipper, but definitely in the L (size 14/16) and not the XL (size 18/20).

Click Here to buy hooded zipper - £35.00

I now want to show you one of Woolovers cashmere and merino blend knits.† I love this grey (with pink trim) cardigan.† It comes in a variety of other colours as well.† This garment is true to size.† It is a finer knit, very warm and is smart enough for work wear.† The price is also great at £33.00.

grey with pink cardigan I am wearing this with jeans for a casual look but I really wish I had of had a grey flannel fishtail skirt with the appropriate heels to really show off this cardigan for a work wear look.† I am wearing this cardigan with a cami underneath.† I have (especially in the very cold winter of 2010) worn a similar cardigan with a thermal vest underneath.† The addition of a vest/cami will not bulk out this cardigan.† It is a wool blend of cashmere and merino (so is a warm knit) and this particular wool blend of cardigan is great for when the very cold days come along and the addition of the thermal or cami is required.† You can be smart and warm at work without the bulk!

front neck grey cardigan The neck line is pretty and can be worn buttoned to the top.† I prefer to leave the top button open to create a V shape to my own neckline.† I find that round necks (especially if buttoned to the throat) make my face look rounder and fatter.

If worn with a cami you can afford to leave the top 2 buttons open and it can be an attractive feature to show the colour of the cami (preferably in the same shade of pink as the buttons and band).† Unfortunately I do not have a pink cami in this particular shade so I have opted for a standard white cami.† I think you should still get the idea.

front neck grey cardigan showing under top

Click Here to buy cashmere and merino cardigan - £33.00

The last of my samples is this cream silk and cotton blend Henley style sweater.† I have about 3 of these similar style jumpers from previous seasons at Woolovers.† This is a very versatile knit in that it can be worn as smart casual, and a very smart work wear.

cream jumper close up

cream jumper casual look I love this casual look, especially with the snood.† The great thing about creams is that you can easily change the palette as and when required.† The snood is from an Irish Knitwear Designer called Edel MacBride who is based in Convoy, Co Donegal

cream jumper formal look Here is the same cream silk and cotton jumper styled for a work wear look.† In this photo I am wearing my camel wool wide leg trousers, camel court shoes, and a silk scarf.† I am wearing this jumper with a cami underneath for extra warm.† This is a very versatile buy and a great price at £23.00.† The jumper also comes in a range of other colours.

Click Here to buy silk and cotton jumper - £23.00

and as my daughter managed this particular photoshoot I have included these photos at her request to show the shoes and bag used in this photo.


I hope this week's Blog Post has sparked an interest in your knitwear for the Autumn and Winter.† I have no hesitation recommending Woolovers.† They sell good quality and affordable pieces, and the classic styling in many of the garments means that you have wardrobe staples that you can wear throughout and between seasons.† Until next Thursday 5th September 2013 when I will be doing a blog post a day for one whole week - my first ever "ootd" outfit of the day postings.† All the best.† Diane xxx



Aug 26th Pretty & Petite DOWNTIME (out and about - suggestions for your plus size petite wardrobe)

Hi folks welcome to part 2 of my 2 part blog dedicated this week to my plus size petite ladies.† In this Post I am looking at petite clothing for occasions outside of work.† I have provided a formal and casual look, but these items can be mixed and matched with most of the recommendations from the previous blog post, Pretty & Petite ONTIME.† Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you to put together an ontrend AW13 wardrobe which is affordable and, more importantly, will give you plenty of opportunities and occasions to wear all your clothes - not just have certain items hanging in the wardrobe barely seeing the light of day.

As recommended by Diane

My first recommendation is a wonderful ensemble from Minuet Petite.† Minuet Petite have a wonderful new season collection and have a great selection of choices for the petite lady, especially for formal occasions to include Weddings, Days at the Races, Cocktail and Dinner Parties etc.

minuet raspberry dress

Click Here to buy dress - £96 (available in size 8 to plus size 20)

I love this Raspberry coloured dress and the simplicity of the styling.† The ruched effect on the left hand side will minimise the belly area whilst serving to accentuate waistline detail.† This colour is very new season (raspberry which is a hue of all the wonderful berry and pink shades).† The dress is versatile enough to be worn on its own for business meetings and other formal occasions within the workplace, whilst when worn with the addition of the Fascinator (which is perfectly proportioned for the size of head of a petite lady), accompanied by the matching clutch bag, you have a very elegant, streamlined outfit for a wedding (either mother of the bride or wedding guest) OR Ladies Day at a Race Meeting.† The most important thing to note about this ensemble is that all the colours are matching so this is also a great find for petite ladies in that if you wear the same colour block, not only will this have a slimming effect but also will elongate the length of your body.† If a petite lady wants to appear taller the classic rule is not to break lines with other colours.† Also, remember the silk scarf that I suggested in the previous post from Monsoon?† This scarf will also be an elegant addition to vary your look.† Oh - and remember the camel coat from the previous post?† This coat will also look well over the dress (worn with the scarf) for very smart business meetings.

monsoon silk scarf

Click Here to buy silk scarf - £35

Marisota camel coat

Click Here to buy coat - £55 (available in sizes 12 to plus size 32)

raspberry fascinator

Click Here to buy Fascinator - £29


It is hard to see all the detail in this picture but there is a pearl effect centre to the flower effect of the Fascinator providing a very elegant detail.

raspberry clutch bag

Click Here to buy Clutch bag - £29

Matching clutch bag for the dress and Fascinator above.† This bag can also be used for other occasions and would look particularly interesting when next wearing an all black ensemble.

Finally I have a casual look which again will look great worn with the camel coat and the addition of the silk scarf either as a complete look, OR the silk scarf worn with the cream jumper and coloured jeans to complement the overall casual smart look.

coloured jeans

Click Here to buy coloured Jeans - £28 (available in sizes 12 to plus size 32.† Also available in colours Black, Teal, and Blush)

I love these berry coloured boot cut jeans and when worn along with the berry boots will also streamline your look to elongate your profile


berry boots

Click Here to buy boots - £50 (available in sizes 4 to 8)

These boots provide just enough height to be worn for comfort, whilst complementing the shape of the hemline of the jeans (boot cut). Also the fact that they match (in terms of colour hue) with the berry coloured jeans will also elongate your profile.† Berry is also a good colour to wear along with denim, navy, brown, and black so the colour of these boots makes them a good purchase.

You can wear the jeans and boots along with this cream jumper either with the shirt underneath, or on its own with the silk scarf.† All the colours blend and complement.

cream jumper † † monsoon silk scarf

Click Here to buy Jumper - £20 (Available from size 4 to plus size 18)

The rib detailing around the shoulder area makes this casual cream jumper that wee bit more dressy for your casual look.

To vary your casual look I also love this very ontrend checked shirt (which again has colour blends and hues that will match your coloured jeans and any of your blue denim clothes whilst also looking great with the boots).


Click Here to buy checked shirt - £22 (available in sizes 8 to plus size 20)

I hope that you have been inspired by my recommendations over the 2 blog posts this week.† The fact that you can mix and match pieces from these posts will hopefully make for a more economical buying decision when you start planning your AW13 wardrobe.† Thank you for viewing this blog and site each week.† Follow me on Twitter @plussizecouk to get all the latest discount and voucher codes from the Retailers all listed in this site.† Until Thursday 30th August 2013.† Bye for now.† Diane XXX

Marisota camel coat

Aug 22nd Pretty & Petite - ONTIME (office wear for plus size petite ladies AW13)

Hi Folks!† This week I am posting 2 blogs dedicated to all my Petite Ladies.† Today's blog is called Pretty & Petite - ONTIME (office wear for AW13).†On Monday 26th August 2013 I will post the 2nd blog entitled Pretty & Petite - DOWNTIME (out and about for AW13)

Pretty & Petite - ONTIME (office wear for AW13)

I was pleasantly surprised to find great choices for office wear for the petite lady.† I have put together an ensemble which can be changed around to create different looks.† Elegance, sincerity, and a degree of sophistication have been brought together using very affordable pieces from Minuet Petite, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods, Marisota, Monsoon, SimplyBe, and Debenhams.

As recommended by Diane

My first recommendation is a smart winter coat.† I have opted for this camel wool coat from Marisota.† The coat is available from size 12 to 32 and is a great price at £55.00.† This is a very flattering coat for practically all frames and builds of petite.† The coat is single breasted so will have a narrowing effect on the body, whilst the collar gives this coat a smart corporate look.† The button tab detail at each side of the waist area (giving the suggestion of a belt) serves also to define the waistline.† This coat is also available in black but I have opted for camel on this occasion so that you can wear varied colours of trousers, skirts, footwear, and handbags.† It also has (perhaps a bit fickle of me to suggest) something of the air of a Burberry trench coat about it.

Marisota camel coat

Click Here to buy coat - £55.00

- - - and as we are talking air of Burberry I suggest complementing the overall look of this coat with the addition of a luxurious silk scarf from Monsoon.† I love these autumn colours which will give you plenty of variety and choice for when you would like a change of separates, shoes, and bag.

monsoon silk scarf

Click Here to buy silk scarf - £35.00

For everyday office wear and comfort I particularly like these black patent look ballerina pump style block heels from M&S

M&S black shoesThese shoes are great value at only £19.50.† They are currently available from sizes 3 to 7.5

Click Here to buy shoes - £19.50

This Black leather bag from Debenhams has been reduced in the blue cross sale to £39.20.† If you use code HX64 at the checkout you will get an additional 10% off the sales price.

debenhams black leather bag

Click Here to buy leather bag - £35.28

A black skirt, and a pair of black trousers are the main staples of office wear.† I like the comfort fit of this black pull on pencil skirt from Dorothy Perkins (available from size 6 to 16).

Dorothy Perkins black skirt

Click Here to buy pencil skirt - £14.00

Marisota black straight leg trousers These straight leg trousers are magisculpt, specially designed to flatter the figure.

Click Here to buy trousers - £39.00

Here are 4 tops that will alter the occasion and colour palette of the skirt and trousers.† Each top can be worn with either the skirt or trousers to vary your look.

Littlewoods black jumper For that 'Month End' and everyday routine day of office life I like the comfort and versatility afforded by wearing a fine knit jumper.† I have shown this top in black but it is also available in a few other colours.† Colour palette and styling can be varied with the addition of a scarf or jewellery (especially necklaces in terms of colour, type, and length).† At £15.00 it is an inexpensive basic for your wardrobe.

Click Here to buy jumper - £15.00

simplybe ivory and black topI love the freshness of this ivory and black monochrome look blouse.† This top will make your look more formal and would work especially well for Board Room meetings, Team Meetings and meeting clients.† There is something of the court room formality about the look of this blouse.† The blouse is currently available in sizes 14 to 32.

Click Here to buy blouse - £40.00

For the Marketing/Promotional Campaign Meeting you need the pizzazz and drama of this gorgeous Anna Scholz designed blouse with cami.† The blouse has been reduced in the sale to £32.50.† Currently available in sizes 14 to 22

simply be anna scholz blouse

Click Here to buy Anna Scholz blouse - £32.50

and the final look is this satin top which will take you from office to evening out on the way home from work.† The top is also available in Black and Teal.† I have shown it here in Pink (which is a key colour trend for AW13).† I love the simplicity of this blouse, and at £18.00 I think it offers great value for money.

simplybe pink top

Click Here to buy satin top - £18.00

I hope I have been 'ontime' this week before you have purchased your AW13 work wear wardrobe.† Please note the offer of the additional 10% discount on the leather bag from Debenhams expires on Monday 26/8/13.† I am now Tweeting special offers and discounts from many of the Merchants/Retailers featured on this website (on a daily basis).† On most occasions offers are only valid for a few days.† If you are not following me on Twitter you are missing out.†† Until Monday 26/8/13 - Diane xxxx


waldlaufer shoe style trainer

Aug 15th, These Shoes were made for Walking!! Plus size, and wider comfort Shoes

Hi folks.† I hope you are all well.† I am just back from a 2 week holiday to Paris, France.† To say that I am tired would be an understatement. † I would need another holiday now just to get my strength back.† It was a full on, action packed holiday with lots of sight seeing, Disneyland, and Parc Asterix (in an nutshell).† Keeping up with my teenage daughters, who do not appreciate the enjoyment in sitting, people watching, and drinking tea in all those wonderful salon de the (which is really code for - "Mum needs a rest!") was becoming an onerous task.

This week I am therefore going to talk about foot comfort - and I really mean comfort if you are on your feet all day.† We were on the go from 7am in the morning to 10pm/11pm.† I had 3 pairs of shoes on holiday with me - a pair of my favourite mules (that I have had and worn to near death for the past 4 years), a pair of smarter sandals (for evenings out - although these barely saw their way out of the suitcase), and my standard thick soled flat shoes (which I would say, under normal wear and daily abuse, are comfortable).

Towards the end of week one, having worn my mules exclusively for the entire week, the calves of both of my legs swelled up, and then went solid!† My legs felt heavy and my feet started to ache.† I had underestimated the comfort level that I would have needed for such long hours on my feet.† The next day we were going to Parc Asterix and I new that my flats would not be any relief.† Now imagine the scene - I am on the Champs Elysee, its 7pm at night and I suddenly realise that I need to buy a comfortable pair of shoes if I am to survive the next day and the rest of the holiday.

Paris is not known for being a great shopping city for the tall and large.† I took refuge in the Nike shop on the Champs Elysee.† Out of all the wonderful selection of trainers I had to buy a pair of mens in a size 9.† They were the essence of comfort…they did exactly what it said on the tin so to speak.† The problem was - they were trainers and they were not a good look with my white linen Monsoon skirt and top.† It is said that beauty has pride and will not substitute for comfort.† I would be an advocate of that school of thought too!!!

I bought the trainers.† Left the shop.†Feet comfortable and a measurable benefit was achieved.† However just before we got to the Restaurant, Gran Caffe on 28 rue Marbeuf (just off the Champs Elysee) I took the trainers off and popped on my mules again.† I thought that my trainers (with their royal blue laces and side trims) and my white linen skirt where just too chic a combination for this wonderful Italian Restaurant!!!

All this got me thinking upon my return.† What shoes should a girl have in her suitcase that are the essence of comfort and style, and can be worn (if required) with skirts or dresses?† Here are my selections for comfortable, long days on your feet.† The shoes selected in this Post come from Hotter Shoes, and Shoes International.† All the shoes featured are "comfort" shoes i.e. they are designed with foot comfort and shock absorbancy in mind.† These shoes therefore have added and extra comfort over and above standard flat and low heeled shoes.

As recommended by Diane

I spotted these trendy sandals by Hotter shoes.† Hotter shoes specialise in comfort footwear.† I must admit I have never worn any of their shoes but I have been in their store in Belfast and can vouch that their shoes are really light and look very comfortable.† These shoes are leather and are available in Gold, Silver, and White up to a size 9.† I am not a toe post fan so a standard T-bar like the white sandals below would probably have been a more likely purchase for me.† It however does not take away from how stylish these sandals look - and more importantly for me - very suitable to wear with skirts and dresses.


Click Here to view toe post sandals in Gold, Silver, and White - £39.00

white sandal

These sandals are particularly appealing in the white colour and the fact that the toe area has a velcro fastening to allow for foot swelling is a huge plus as well.† They are available in sizes 2.5 to 9.

Click Here to buy - £44.96

It's hard to know just what to pack when one goes on holidays, especially with weight restrictions on luggage.† Heading to the sun inevitably means dresses, skirts and shorts for day wear.† I found these fantastic shoes, which have the comfort of a trainer, but are fashioned like a shoe (with the raised heel detail).† These shoes would look great with knee lengths skirts and bermuda length shorts.† They also are a more secure fit, particularly if an orthodic has to be inserted into the shoe.

waldlaufer shoe style trainer

Click Here to buy shoes - £58.46

ecco balanceAlso look at these for heavenly comfort. † These are, without a doubt a trainer style so, in my opinion, more suited to wear with shorts but if comfort is the overriding issue then there would be no contest - these shoes will be suitable for all day comfort on your feet.

Click Here to buy comfort trainers - £74.95

If you crave that injection of colour (as I do…I always like to quirk it up!!) then look at these beautiful shoes which are available in other colours as well.† These are stylish and trend setting and can be worn with jeans and casual trousers as well.

kingfisher trainers

Click Here to buy trend setting shoes - £34.00

I hope I have given some useful advice this week.† Each of the shoe companies featured (Hotter Shoes, and Shoes International) has many other styles and fits as well to choose from.† As we are still in Sale Season all of these shoes have been reduced from their original selling price.† I think they offer great value and, if you have already had your holiday, perhaps think about these for your next trip.

You can shop for all your clothing, footwear, and beauty needs directly from this site by clicking on the tabs at the top of the Home Page and selecting the Retailers from the drop down menus provided.

Also, please give some thought to following me on Twitter (Twitter account name @plussizecouk).† Many of the retailers listed on give us exclusive offers for our customers, however, these offers may only last for a few days or (as is the case today 15/08/13 Wallis have a special offer for today only).† To avail of this special offer of 20% off for today only click here.† I blog post once per week so if you are not following me on Twitter you will not get the benefit of additional discounts and offers as and when these come on board.

Thank you for your time and for reading this post.† Until next week.† Diane XXX



LTS Parka

Aug 08 Self Indulgent Plus Size Clothing Wardrobe Planning for my AW13

As recommended by Diane

I am being very self indulgent this week looking again at fashion for tall girls (I haven't forgotten about my petite girls - your day will soon be here on this Blog too!) but when I saw the New Collection at Long Tall Sally my instinct was to wardrobe plan my own AW13.† I have put together a few looks below that I personally would wear, and complemented these with accessories and footwear from Marks & Spencer, Madeleine Fashion, and SimplyBe.† So although you may not be a tall girl, you may find inspiration from the look, and will definitely be able to wear the footwear and accessories also featured.† Remember you can shop online from this website from any of the Retailers listed under the category headings at the top of your screen.† You are not limited to just the products featured each week on my Blog posting.

At Long Tall Sally the new autumn colours and hues of teals and purples are in the Collection along with structured styling in traditional black and navy.† I have been able to plan a formal, semi- formal, and more casual look from only a selection of this impressive Collection.

If you have been following this blog you will recall a previous blog post about me trying to find a dress for my problem middle.† At Long Tall Sally I am excited about 3 dresses that should fit my frame and profile, paying attention to minimising my middle area.

LTS Navy Body Con tiered plus size dressI love the elegance of this dress.† This is a body con tiered dress in Navy.† I have chosen this as a very probable contender to wear at my Graduation in December 2013.† The body con lining should give a slimming effect, aided by the dark navy colour, whilst the lace detail on the wide neck line and upper chest area, and the full length sleeves add a sense of opulent elegance to the overall look.† Although I will be wearing a Gown over this dress for the Graduation Ceremony, when I de-robe I will have a stunning dress to wear to the after event Dinner.

The dress is available to purchase now in sizes from 10 to plus size 22.† The overall length of the dress from shoulder to hemline is 45".

Click Here to buy the dress - £100.00

I recommend wearing this dress with these Navy patent leather shoes.† This is one occasion when I want to present a streamlined look (and I don't mind looking taller too)† Available in sizes 42 to 45, with a 3.5" heel.

LTS Navy patent court shoes

Click Here to see a clearer picture of the Navy Shoes from Long Tall Sally and to purchase - £100.00

The second sensational dress that I am excited about is the Peacock Skater Dress (available from size 10 to 22).† Lace detailing is the predominate feature of this dress.† This is a trend that is not showing any signs of departing the fashion consciousness soon.

LTS Peacock skater dress

Click Here to buy Peacock Skater Dress - £85.00

I love the fit and flare of this dress and the lace overlay.† Given that I already have approved a skater dress fit (on my first ever blog posting on this site) and I have also looked at the way that an overlay can accentuate the overall femininity of a dress, I feel that this dress will also be an elegant addition to my wardrobe.† The colour of this dress is described as Peacock which to me means a greeny/bluey hue.† This in itself sounds very interesting, especially for Autumn.† I also think that a Red Head would look particularly sensational in this colour.† The dress is 44" in length from shoulder to hemline.

So far I am undecided about shoes to wear with this dress.† Ideally I want to wear an ankle strap court (no more than a 3" heel)† Given my own personality I would rather NOT stick with traditional navy (although it would match and I could get away with the Navy patent court shoes described and recommended above for the Navy body con tiered dress).† I do feel that the dress requires a patent look finish.† This dress is very elegant and I am looking forward to seeing what other retailers bring forward in their AW13 collections to try and find the right shoe.† I am thinking that I need to wear a berry colour patent shoe to complement this overall look.

The third dress from Long Tall Sally is a berry fit and flare dress.† This dress is similar in cut to a skater dress.† The addition of the belt may cause me some difficulties (ie drawing attention to my Middle) so I will have to see how this looks on, and whether I can work this look without the belt.† The fit and flare styling however should be fine, and I love the (almost) sweetheart neckline giving this dress a very feminine touch.† The dress is 47.5" from shoulder to hemline so potentially a very elegant flow on a tall girl.† I have not yet found the correct shoes either, but I am looking for a block heel (no more than 3") and again I fancy something with an ankle strap OR a Mary Jane.† This dress is less formal than the other two dresses profiled above.† It is definitely a more wear to the office, semi-formal occasion dress.

LTS Berry dress

Click Here to buy Berry Fit and Flare Dress - £75.00

This black leather pencil skirt (27" long) looks amazing (available from size 10 to plus size 22)

LTS Leather skirt

Click Here to buy leather pencil skirt - £150

…………………………………………………………….but just wait to you see the fabulous shoes that will really rock this outfit

Madeleine red and black court shoesShoes are Italian.† Black leather with red suede.† Available from sizes 36 to 41 with a 9cm heel

Click Here to buy black and red shoes - £149.95

A good pair of black trousers is a must for all girls wardrobes.† Smart trousers such as these below can be dressed up for a formal occasion and worn with a silk long sleeve blouse, or worn with a chiffon/sequin top to give an instant Evening look, OR worn with a fine knit for a more day wear to the office look.

LTS black trousersThe wide leg is very complementary and on trend for the AW13 season.† Trousers are available from size 10 to 18 in inside leg lengths 34", 36" and 38" inclusively.

Click Here to buy black wide leg trousers - £65.00

I have also found a brilliant Italian Leather and suede handbag to complement the formal and day look

Madeleine black leather bag

The dimensions of this bag are H25cm x D 13cm x W39cm

Click Here to buy Italian black leather and suede bag - £171.75

I also think these shoes are gorgeous (although they have a 4" heel!!!)† They are made from black kid leather and have a metalic effect detail at the toes.† They are available from sizes 42 to 45

LTS black court shoes

Click Here to see a clearer picture of shoes and to buy - £110.00

This pink Cowl silky touch half sleeved top is also very charming and would look great with the black trousers AND the black leather skirt.† The back length is 28" with 11" sleeve length.

LTS Pink cowl neck top

Click Here for a clearer picture of the cowl neck top and to buy - £45.00

….and now for my casual looks

I love this forest green boyfriend jacket (back length 27")

LTS Forest Green Boyfriend jacket

Click Here to buy Forest Green Boyfriend Jacket - £65.00

My casual looks are where I like to quirk it up, and for me this casual look needs to have the addition of some wonderful orange leather gloves, and an orange belt, some great jeans, and the option of wearing an eye-catching scarf

Madeleine gloves

Click Here to buy Orange leather gloves - £59.96†††††††††††††††††††††††††

Madeleine orange belt

Click Here to buy orange leather belt - £59.96

LTS boot cut jeans

Boot Cut Jeans available in sizes 8 to 24 with inside leg lengths 34", 36", 38")

Click Here to buy Boot Cut Jeans - £50.00††††††††††


Madeleine black lime scarf

Click Here to buy lime and black scarf wool/silk mix scarf - £79.95 ††††††††††††

As the colder days approach this parka style coat (with the option to remove the fur detailing around the neck and hood area) is ideal.

LTS Parka ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The back length is 34"with a sleeve length of 27.5"

Click Here to buy Parka - £110.00† (the black and lime scarf above would also go well with this coat, especially worn without the fur collar and hooded trim)

Wear this parka with the Cashmere Beanie and Leopard Print across the body bag

M&S Cashmere Beanie

Click Here to buy cashmere beanie - £39.50

M&S leopard print across body bagThis across the body bag is very on trend with the leopard print

The bag is H20cm x W20cm x D 5cm

Click Here to buy bag - £79.00

I would complete the look with the blue boot cut jeans AND the fabulous boots from Simply Be.

LTS boot cut jeans††††††††††† SimplyBe coffee boots

Click Here to buy Jeans - £50.00††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Click here to buy boots - £131.00 available in sizes 3 to 8

….and just a few more options to add to the casual look with the jeans and boots above.† This look is effortless and will take you to meeting the Girls for coffee after the school drop off!!!!

LTS Jumper blue† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †††† M&S Silk scarf

Click Here to buy Jumper -†£48.00 ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Click Here to buy silk scarf - £29.50

M&S bagM&S tote bag H22cm x W38cm D11.5cm

Click Here to buy bag - £39.50

Quite a lot to digest this week.† Sorry if I have gone on a bit.† I can't contain my enthusiasm for clothes shopping at times.† Have a look at Long Tall Sally to be inspired by other items from their New Collection.† Keep your eye on both Simply Be, and, M&S as well (I know they both have an exciting new collection coming on stream soon), and, as always, my long time tried and trusted Madeleine Fashion never disappoint with styling, ranges, colours, fabrics, and that little bit of difference which sets them apart from the High Street.† Thank you for reading my blog this week.† You can always get in touch with me via Twitter @plussizecouk.† Diane xxx


Elomi bra
Aug 01 Retailer Focus - Ample Bosom

A new departure for my Blog this week - a profile of one of our Retailers on

I am delighted to feature Ample Bosom who are a one-stop shop for all your underwear, lingerie, and nightwear needs. They also have a smaller range of plus size ladies clothing.

The business was started in 1999 by the owner, Sally Robinson, and she and her team have grown this business to be one of the largest "undergarment" suppliers on the internet within the UK. The Plus Size Websites Group (of which is part ) has been working with Ample Bosom for many years over all 11 of our websites. The depth and duration of this relationship therefore qualifies me to speak with confidence about the product offer and supreme customer service given by the business.

What I love about this particular website is that you can shop for your daughter, your mother (or other elderly female relative), and yourself - making Ample Bosom the website for Generation Women!!!

Sizes range from standard to plus size with bras typically starting at a 28AA and going up to a size 58 (in varying cup sizes (for most sizes up to a cup size N)). Ranges are also provided in a wide variety of colours and style, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Look at this lovely little bra suitable for your daughter as a first starter bra

starter bra

Encompassing such a wide target market means that Ample Bosom supply upwards of 70 premium brands such as Sloggi, Triumph, Playtex, and Silhouette (to name but a few).

Shopping for bras is quick and easy. When you click on the Tab "Bra" at the top of the screen on the Home Page of Ample Bosom, a full grid showing all sizes stocked is displayed. All you have to do is click on your bra size and you will be taken to a range of bras in your size.

Here is one example of the modern and sexy style of one of their many plus size bras. The bra shown below is a 46G cup.

black bra

Whilst the comfort and support of a posture bra is shown here available in a size 58D Cup

posture support bra front view posture support bra REAR view

They also supply matching bra and knicker sets such as the very on trend purple set shown below

Elomi bra elomi knickers

and for all the occasions in a girl's life they cater for those special nights

special nights


bridal shaper

Sport, and Maternity, whilst also providing special party occasion clothing such as this wonderful Red silk effect blouse.

red shirt

Everyday practical use products such as Nightwear, and Hosiery are also extensively stocked to suit the generations of women.

sensible nightdresssexy nighty

Swimwear and Shapewear are also popular purchases at Ample Bosom

52D swimsuit This swimsuit is available up to a 52D

shapewear briefsWhilst these slimming thigh briefs are available from a size 14 - 28 in both black and nude.

I hope that I have suitably impressed you with a snap shot of what is on offer at Ample Bosom. Now that we have the underwear and Hosiery taken care of I just want you to take a peek at their range of plus size clothing.

dress bolero jacket

I love this dress (available from a size 20 - 30) with the matching bolero self tie jacket. A beautiful little ensemble to take you to a wedding or other formal occasion. I hope I have suitably demonstrated to you just how extensive a range of products are on offer at Ample Bosom. The business is constantly striving to bring their customers the best. OoH!!!! when those little awkward moments arise they have it covered as well - a full range of little miscellaneous items such as bra extendersthis bra extender is a popular purchase as is the practical addition of sew in pocket for mastectomy wear an insert pocket to sew into the bra or swimsuit for the comfort of a mastectomy wearer.

You can shop for all the products featured in this blog post by either clicking on the highlighted phrase/word and/or the photographs of selected items. To see the full range at Ample Bosom at your leisure click on the word Ample Bosom. You can also view and purchase from Ample Bosom by selecting the Tab "Lingerie" from the top of this website and select Ample Bosom from the drop down list. I hope that you have been inspired with this blog post this week.

Follow me on Twitter @plussizecouk to keep up to date with special offers from Retailers (some have promotions that only last a few days at a time- if you are not following me on Twitter you are missing out). Until next week when I will be talking about my Wardrobe Planning for AW13. Diane



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