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March 20th - British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014 - Curvety Plus Size Bridal Collection

The Curvety Plus Size Bridal Collection is all about lace and femininity. Full length and Short length dresses in white and ivory with empire bust cut lines flowing down the body with either A Line or semi full skirts. This plus size Bridal Collection is the epitomie of Grace, femininity, and charm. The look is vintage; the effect is flattery and the shapes are complimentary of fuller figures. The Collection is available from a size UK14 - UK36 (although (not surprisingly) some sizes have sold out quite quickly) and is priced within the range 93 - 410. These dresses suit both a less formal wedding and (with the addition of the correct head piece or veil) a more formal and grander occasion. They are value for money. The Curvety Bride will look special and the centre of attention without compromising on style, fit or elegance.

Video footage of part of the Collection as presented at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014, London can be viewed here.

white lace vintage style plus size wedding dress from Curvety

White lace overlay shorter length A Line cut skirt with flattering 3/4 length sleeves

white lace full length plus size wedding dress

Curvety White full length full sleeve lace overlay wedding dress

full figure wedding dress in ivory and lace

Ivory 3/4 sleeve vintage inspired lace overlay wedding dress

For a more detailed look at all the dresses available in the Curvety Bridal Collection click here.

I would also like to thank Zsuzsanna Szkiba who writes a blog at and has a business facebook page called Cupcakes and Pearls for allowing me to reproduce her photographs.


Plus Size Fashion Designer Jane Watson at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

March 14th - British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014

Featured Designer report - Jane Watson

Jane Watson is a Plus Size Fashion Designer from Singapore. She does a range of plus size fashion for Day, and Evening Wear (and Ethnic Inspired Evening Wear) from a UK14 - UK46. This Collection was the only one showcased at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014 that catered for the truly larger lady (above a UK32 (which is the largest size that Evans and Simply Be go up to)). I therefore eagerly anticipated this Collection as all I knew about Jane Watson (prior to British Plus Size Fashion Weekend) was that she was a young up and coming designer from Singapore. I also couldn't wait to see how she could style and compliment the figure and movement of the larger lady in her clothes.

The Collection showcased was her REVELATION label, an on trend monochrome look of day and evening wear. I wasn't disappointed. This Collection was modelled by larger ladies and therefore I could see how the larger body could move in these garments. There was NO puckering nor riding up. These garments are "correctly weighted to sit" and "flow over the contours of the body". This woman has got it!

Jane told me,

"I want to redefine curves ....". "I play with black and white which I think is still the basic colour we plus size are still very comfortable in. I use different quality fabrics like korean spandex, soft cotton lace and crepe to produce a soft curvaceous body line". "While its good to think fashion forward we have to be confident and also comfortable in our own skin. BIG is DIFFERENT. Be that individual Bold person".

This she has done. Her Collection is far from being frumpy and uninspiring. The peplum, the concertina pleats, and the jump suit are all present yet she challenges convention (in particular her use of horizontal broad stripes, and in her showstopper lace overlay dress. With this dress in particular she has managed to create a Modest Sexy. Have a look at the video to see the REVELATION Collection.

broad stripes top and trouser set

The Challenge to Convention - broad horizontal stripes. This 2 piece works. Both the shoulders and hemline of the trousers balance with each other. It is proportioned and balanced and therefore works. Approx 90

White and black lace overlay short dress

The "Modest Sexy" Dress. The on trend lace overlay suggesting the veiling of potential problem areas YET obviously a sexy silhouette pushing through.

white and black concertina pleated skirt dress

The on trend concertina pleats. Approx 68.00

patterned skirt dress

Another challenge to be DIFFERENT - the top 1/4 of the body in a block black (minimising the bust) with the skirt detail falling from the bust line.

houndstooth trousers and white jacket

The Houndstooth 3/4 leg trousers with the wide band square jacket. Approx 83.00

black top and trousers 2 piece

The black palazzo trouser and blouse set. I love this but I would wear this with a black cami vest underneath. "Catwalks are daring". Approx 63.00

black skirt and blouse by Jane Watson Plus Size Fashion Designer

The "any occasion black pant skirt" seen here as day wear with a short sleeve blouse. These "trousers" could easily also be worn as an evening look with a more glitzy blouse/top - Approx 70

A very elegant black lace and satin palazzo trouser and top set - Approx 63.00

A very elegant black lace and satin palazzo trouser and top set - Approx 63.00

black peplum 2 piece skirt suit

The peplum top and skirt set with lace sleeve and neckline detailing. Approx 63.00

black and white long dress by Jane Watson Plus Size Fashion Designer

The black and white curvy long dress. This dress appeared in the Daily Mirror on Saturday 15th Feb 2014 and sold out. I understand that it is now back in stock again. Approx 63.00

You can purchase these items directly from her website. Please note that Jane states sizes in American sizing (US12 - 44). This translates to UK14 - 46. Also all garments are priced in Singapore Dollars (S$). The current exchange rate, at March 14th, is S$2.11 to 1.00 (so as a rough guide you need to half the price that you see on her website to get the Sterling price. There is a small charge for postage and packaging and despatch to the UK can take 5+ days.

I would also like to thank Zsuzsanna Szkiba who writes a blog at and has a business facebook page called Cupcakes and Pearls for allowing me to reproduce her photographs.


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