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Nov 30th Aspen Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally

Luxurious, warm & storm proof down and feather wadded coat 210

Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally

Aspen Down & Feather Wadded Coat - 210 - Available from size XS - XL (equivalent of UK8 - UK24)

This is the Aspen Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally and it is a wonderful warm, hooded coat for tall women (5'8 tall+).

I am ordinarily a size UK18. I am also 5'9" tall and I am wearing the coat in size L (which is equivalent to size UK18 - UK20). I find the coat true to size and certainly roomy enough to wear layers underneath.

This coat is 70% Down and 30% Feathers so is very warm yet is not a heavy weight coat. The back length from shoulder to hemline is 38".

The day that this photo of me wearing the coat and the video of me demonstrating the features of this coat was taken was a November Sunday afternoon and approx 10 degrees C. The coat was very comfortable on and suitable for the day. The Down and Feather wadding however means that this coat will keep you warm in much much colder weather. The coat is a medium weight, not heavy, and therefore very comfortable to wear.

A Down and Feather Wadded Coat is a quality coat, unlike many other "wadded" coats on the market that are filled with a synthethic lining. I think that this coat is exceptional value at 210 given that other comparable down and feather wadded coats can range in price from 250 - 600. You certainly get what you pay for with this, and it's subtle and quietly whispering "value for money for the quality inherent".

The coat is available in charcoal (which is a mix of what I would call a gun metal grey and black). The colour is not as severe as a full on black so will suit most skin tones too. I like the dark colour and the wipe down surface of the coat which makes this really easy to keep clean too. The coat can be washed in your washing machine at a 30 degree Centrigade cycle.

This is a practical everyday coat yet is stylish for smarter wear. I love the fact that the fur trimmed hood can be removed and also the fur trim can be removed from the hood (for days when it is just not so cold and you do not want to look like here comes winter).

The other big selling feature of this coat is the storm proof cuffs at the sleeves which will keep your arms warm and prevent them also getting wet in very windy or stormy wet weather.

To see more of the features of this coat and to hear what I have to say have a look at this video

To buy the coat click HERE

To view other coats from Long Tall Sally click HERE

Until later. Diane XXX


Nov.15th - Avoiding a "Miss Marple" look - accessorising with colour and texture is "How to wear Tweed" in the 21st Century, part 2

This pink tweed jacket offers a vibrant colour lift to your autumn wardrobe and the possible colour combinations to wear with your look will surprise you. No longer is tweed staid and old. How to wear Tweed in the 21st Century means combining with accessories for added colour and texture. Key to achieving this new wearability is NOT to make the Tweed the main focus of your presentation. Instead make your tweed garment the understated elegance and let the colour and texture (of your accessories) do the talking. All ages of woman can wear tweed. Tweed is no longer the preserve of Miss Marple.

pink tweed jacket from Next 135

Pink Tweed Jacket (Available from Next 135 in sizes UK6 - UK22) worn with gold/yellow leather gloves and colour mix snood

Autumn is my favourite season and brings with it plenty of opportunity to add seasonal colours to a girl's wardrobe colour palette. Today I am delighted to show case to you my colour of the autumn (PINK) and to be able to accessorise and play with this colour for a 21st century presentation on how to wear tweed.

I absolutely love this vibrant pink tweed jacket from Next. Firstly I think the colour lifts my complexion (remember I do not wear make-up. With all my blog postings that I bring to you on you see the real colour of the garment presented in day light on a natural skin tone).

Secondly here is yet another example of how colour and accessories can bring tweed into the 21st century. Whilst the pink colour of the jacket means that pinks and purples will match in you may not have consider other colour combinations that work equally as well.

The clue for choosing colour to ‘match in' with your tweed will usually be in the weave of the tweed and/or in the lining of the garment. Here however is an example of a jacket which is most definitely a main colour block (Pink) and the weave of this particular jacket is only suggesting pinks and purples (and perhaps blue). I have therefore taken my colour leads from the colour combinations in my snood (which has pink/wine/green/blue/gold/and brown). The snood matches the jacket so why should the other colours in the snood not also be key to working an alternative colour palette.

Here are some pictures of me wearing this jacket with different colour options. Please note also that the magenta and the purple leather gloves are still currently available to buy from M&S.

Pink Tweed jacket from Next

Pink Tweed Jacket from Next worn with gold leather gloves and a gold wool scarf (M&S Winter 2012)

pink tweed jacket from Next

Pink Tweed Jacket worn with magenta leather gloves (M&S) and pink wool scarf and pink/purple hand knit beret

Pink Tweed Jacket from Next

Pink Tweed Jacket worn with purple leather gloves (M&S) and purple and blue/green colour combination scarf

pink tweed jacket from Next

Pink Tweed jacket worn with green leather gloves (M&S 2012) and colour combination snood

To see the jacket in closer detail and to hear what I have to say watch this short video

To buy this jacket (135, available in sizes UK6 - UK22) click HERE

To view the wonderful range of leather gloves (18, M&S) click HERE


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